Stand Out Among Your Peers and Get a Job Offer Immediately

Learn the secrets to getting your dream job or internship (from cover letter and resume to the interview itself).  You will learn the methods that human resource offices use to screen applicants to get an edge.  Moreover, engage in interactive exercises to know which skills you need to develop to get that job/internship.

What is included in the program?


2-Hour Workshop Transcript/Workbook Exercises


Assessment Exercise to Better Prepare for Your Interview Handout


13 Tips for an Excellent Resume Handout


Sample Resumes with Before and After Edits


Create Professional Bullets on Your Resume with a Categorized 363 Verb Spreadsheet




Learn 11 principles to deliver a successful cover letter, resume and interview.


Engage in interactive exercises that provide the foundation for an excellent interview.


Develop techniques to maximize impact of cover letter so that students get their foot in the door and are called for an interview.


Learn how to create a clear, concise, legible and eye appealing resume.


Receive some of the 49 most commonly asked questions and the appropriate responses.

Here is what people are saying about the complete program

“Mr. Duffy’s program is very thorough and detailed, highlighting Mr. Duffy’s expertise and genuine interest when it comes to helping others achieve success. His “49 of the most common interview questions” is especially helpful. I appreciate how detailed it is as it contains a lot of valuable advice for specific commonly asked questions in interviews.”
Amy Wang

“Everyone should review the top 49 Interview Questions.  It is a great way to focus on your career history to be fully prepared for the interview and show up completely organized as well as professional.  This program will ensure that you are engaging, enthusiastic and employed!”
Renee Helfenstein

About Tim Duffy

Tim Duffy is a success and leadership coach, international motivational speaker, and workshop trainer on topics of communication, leadership, management, and much more. He has spent almost two decades in the area of leadership development.

Tim worked for 12 years at The National Society of Leadership and Success, helping to create the largest leadership honor societies in the country. He has both interviewed and worked with celebrities, best-selling authors, and motivational speakers from around the globe to teach people about leadership, success and making positive change in the world.

For the last several years, Tim volunteers as a head coach for a 4-month leadership program called “Self-Expression and Leadership” Program by Landmark Worldwide.

When Tim is not coaching or teaching leadership, he serves as the Vice President of Sales and Operations for Eco-Enterprise whose mission is to help drive sustainability for business, nonprofits, and governments while saving them money.

Tim currently lives in New York with his wife Michelle, a veterinarian technician, his two dogs, Bob and Milo (mee-lo), and his three black cats, Marcus, Juba and Maximus. All are rescue animals, and all of the cats were named after characters from one of Tim’s top 5 favorite leadership movies: Gladiator.