America’s Leadership Coach for College Students

Tim Duffy, affectionately known as America’s Leadership Coach for College Students and Young Professionals, is an award winning international motivational speaker who has spent a decade in the area of student leadership development.

Tim Duffy grew up as a “runt of the litter”- a short, scrawny, sickly kid who felt alone. Because Tim was picked on, he felt like an outcast. As the youngest in his family, he was treated as the baby. The people he loved and looked up to told him that he was not old enough, strong enough, or smart enough. Through his life experience as a child to the lessons he learned from great teachers, Tim transformed his life. Now he transforms the lives of other people.  Tim brings love, joy and humor to each and every person he meets.  Tim serves as a coach and speaks across the country. He empowers people to realize that they are old enough, smart enough and strong enough to be a leader.

Tim currently lives in New York with his wife Michelle, a veterinarian technician, his two dogs, Bob and Milo (mee-lo), and his three black cats Marcus, Juba and Maximus. All are rescued animals and all of his cats were named after characters from one of Tim’s many favorite leadership movies: Gladiator.

Tim’s Story

When he was a young boy, Tim grew up poor. With his parents were divorced, Tim’s mother was working all the time and his father in another state. Tim felt hopeless and alone. With no money, he had to find ways to survive. Tim and his older brother would jump into dumpsters to find empty soda cans to recycle for money. With enough change in his pocket, Tim and his brother would buy junk food to eat.

Before the end of middle school, Tim had moved over eight times while his mother struggled to find work. Always the new kid in school, Tim felt like an outcast. He was easily picked on and bullied by other kids.

In high school, Tim was seriously malnourished and stunted in his growth. Tim knew that he needed to escape his environment and fled to New York to live with his grandparents and he changed the course of his life.

Tim starting eating better and grew 6’inches in less than 1 year.

By the time he went into college, Tim found himself attracted to the topic of leadership because he was looking for love, respect and acceptance. He discovered that leadership is based on love and compassion. Great leaders were not born but made. Tim discovered his destiny and mission: to help people transform their lives, realize their full potential and be leaders.

He became a very successful student leader in college. He served as president of several clubs and organizations. He ran for student government and became one of the youngest student government presidents in his college’s history. He received several awards for his accomplishments. During his college he was introduced to The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), which exposed Tim to vast array of literature on success and leadership. Gary Tuerack, the founder of the Society, who would later serve as Tim’s life long mentors.

Soon after graduating college, he started working in local government to make a positive difference in his local community. Later he joined The National Society of Leadership and Success with its mission to build leaders who make a better world. With Gary’s vision and other great mentors, Tim became part of a team to help grow the organization to make the Society the largest leadership societies in the country in less than a decade. Tim has had many roles at the Society.  He served as a Host and Broadcast Producer, and now a National Director of Student Program Development. He has both interviewed and worked with celebrities, best-selling authors, and motivational speakers from around the globe to teach students about leadership, success and making positive change in the world.

(Clockwise from left: Alton Brown: Bestselling Author and Celebrity Host on Food Network, Mel Robbins: Renowned Motivational Speaker and Author, Alexis Jones: Founder of I Am That Girl, Common: Multi-Grammy Award-Winning Hip Hop Artist and Actor, Barry Posner: Leadership Scholar and Co-author of The Leadership Challenge, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki: Bestselling Authors of Rich Dad Poor Dad and Rich Woman, Brad Meltzer: Bestselling Political Thriller Author.)

He has presented keynotes, workshops and lectures at some of the largest conferences across the country including: Association for Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA), The National Association of Campus Activities (NACA), The National Center for Student Leadership (NCSL) The National Collegiate Leadership Conference (NCLC),  American Student Government Association (ASGA) and many others.

Today, Tim continues to work for the Society and travels around the country-teaching college students and young professionals about overcoming fears and limitations.

Tim’s presentations have earned the reputation of being, inspiring, funny and entertaining and energetic… he is known for occasionally making the audience join him in dance.

Tim has coached college students and young professionals on:

  • How to get your dream job or internship
  • How to build loving relationships with your loved ones.
  • How to get promoted in your job or career.
  • How to be more influential and persuasive with friends and family

Tim can help you overcome the mental blocks and obstacles that are preventing you from moving ahead.

Provide you the techniques and tools to eliminate the feelings of being overwhelmed.

Create a new mindset for success in all areas of your life such as your career, health, relationships, finances and more.

Build a legacy of accomplishments on your campus, your job, your community, and the world and help you realize your God given full potential.