Keynote Presentations/Workshops:

21 Ways to Supercharge Your Career and Relationships with Leadership

Do you want more love in your life? Do you want to learn how to get promoted in your job? Want to learn one of the most powerful tools leaders use to influence others to action? Through this lecture, discover and adopt the three fundamental qualities that leaders possess. In addition, students will listen to a leadership fable and learn the 18 skills leaders develop to create lasting positive change in the world.

Secrets to Getting Your Dream Job or Internship

Learn the secrets to getting your dream job or internship (from cover letter and resume to the interview itself). Students will learn the methods that human resource offices use to screen applicants to get an edge. Students will engage in an interactive workshop with a self evaluation of their skills.

Secrets of a Powerful Student Government Revealed

Learn how to become one of the most powerful student leaders on my campus by applying leadership principles and lessons from one of the most successful student government, United People. UP is a student organization and political party that has dominated student government elections for four decades. Also, learn important lessons on how to win student elections so that you can remain in power so that they can achieve positive legacy on their campus.

How to Clone More Student Leaders Like You

 Do you ever find yourself doing everything because there are not enough people to help you? Do you feel that you have to do everything yourself because you can’t trust others to do a task and do it correctly? In this workshop, you will learn how to attract and recruit members to organization to make it one of the largest student organizations on your campus. You will also discover some of the most effective techniques to delegate tasks to your members and ensure that it will get done so you don’t have to stress about it again or burn yourself out.

Increase Attendance & Double Your Crowd at Any Event

 Discover proven strategies to draw large crowds to your events and lectures. Concrete, specific ways to draw students – you’re guaranteed to walk away with more than handful of new ideas which will dramatically increase your audience size! Implement these strategies and you should be prepared for the fire marshal to inspect audience size!

Secrets to Building Active and Engaged Members

Ever wonder why it’s so difficult to retain your members and keep them engaged? If icebreakers and pizza parties are all that you have been taught, then you have been missing out on key strategies on successful student engagement. In this workshop, you will learn the fundamental techniques in how to build relationships with your members. Discover the secret methods to turn visitors at your organization’s open house, or general interest meeting, into devoted lifetime members See how you can keep current members active and super involved. In addition, Tim will share some of the best tips on conducting energizers and icebreakers.

Increasing Your Influence and Power on Campus

If you are a student leader who has big ideas, wants to solve problems on campus, create bigger and better events, get more students involved, etc… it can be very difficult to achieve those things if you don’t have support from the key decision makers and those who control the money. Do you want to know what are the key strategies and techniques to win them over? Learn how to develop the relationships with clubs, faculty, and administrators to help you become the most powerful student leader on campus.

The Jedi Method of Training and Transitioning for SGA

Do you wish you had a handbook or blueprint of how to be the most effective member of SGA? Unfortunately, many student leaders have to learn while on the job. Once you have finally mastered your SGA position, your term is over and it’s time for elections. Want to learn some of the most effective ways the most powerful SGAs train the upcoming future leaders? Discover how to turn SGA student leaders into SGA Master Jedi Warriors that would make Yoda proud.

Increase Voter Turnout and Make your SGA famous

Is getting students to vote in your SGA elections very difficult? Do you want to learn the techniques to really increase voter turnout and successfully win the election? In this workshop you will learn how to campaign, both what to say and how to say it. Learn how to create a platform and goals that are achievable. Discover how to develop your SGA brand so students recognize your SGA as a great organization that truly supports students.

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