*NOTE: Because of Tim’s  busy schedule, he is not taking any more clients Monday through Friday. He only has space for three more clients for limited hours on either Saturday or Sunday morning, schedule permitting. Please contact him via phone at 201-705-2260 to set up a FREE 15-minute consultation to see if Tim can help you or guide you to a different coach based on your individual need.(Updated: February 1, 2017)


  • Stressed out and overwhelmed by school, work, family obligations, and extracurricular activities?
  • Don’t understand why you are not happy? Don’t know why you are failing? Feel like you are drowning with your head above water, just trying to make it through the day?
  • “The struggle is real” is a motto you live by?


  • You need a coach to give you one-on-one attention to help you reach your fullest potential.
  • Coaching is based on research. The most successful people have coaches.  Any professional sports team needs the best coach to make it to the championship.
  • You need a coach who understands the demands of life. Someone who can guide you by helping you create goals that are achievable and rewarding.
  • A coach will give you valuable feedback and hold you accountable.
  • You need a coach who can show you proven systems of success used by some of the most successful people and leaders in the world.


  • Tim Duffy is a leadership and life coach.  He has received numerous leadership awards and is an international motivational speaker. He has presented at colleges and universities across the country.
  • Tim has spent a decade training individuals on leadership and success skills.
  • He shares the knowledge from his own painful life experiences.
  • He shares research based on the most successful people and leaders across the world.
  • Tim has been coaching and mentoring students and young professionals for more than nine years.
  • Tim’s proudest accomplishment is helping one young professional who was struggling with his sales job.  In six months, Tim helped him become the #2 salesperson for the year.Then, within two months, Tim helped him quit his sales job, find a new job, and double his salary in less than one year.


I know I don’t need to say this again, but Tim: thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Since the end of our coaching session I have not been able to stop thinking about the things we had discussed and I still cannot stop smiling. I am so excited to implement the new skills, techniques, and methods I have gained from our session into addressing various areas of my life.”

-Mitch Resk

The one-on-one session was a great experience.  I would have never felt that I could get something so important out of my life by just talking to someone.   For me, I feel that this session made my night and has set me on a path where I am going to be able to build better relationships with the people I am around.  It is also going to let me feel that I am the best person I can be and that is all I need.”

-Zachary Liedtke

The session was short but unbelievably powerful. It cleared a lot of obstacles from my mind and made me see my goals so much more clearly. It was simple but extremely effective.”

-Ashwin Sivakumar

I had a great talk/ coaching session with Tim Duffy. It is very far and in between when you approach people in your life that you can get on such a personal level with.  Having conversations with someone about the struggles and successes of your life encapsulates the most important variables to your life, which include relationships., mind/emotional/physical blocks, health, finances, spiritual well-being, love, etc.  Having a balance of past experiences, embracing dynamic ideas and actions in the present, and setting goals for the future are essential to everyone’s success.  Tim bridges the gap between counseling and success management.  Ultimately, the underlying factor is personal development, and Tim is the perfect person for the job. Tim is friendly, understanding, wise, has the experience working with many leaders/successful people, has a passion for helping people, and most importantly, Tim is auspicious.  The most important thing that I took from my session was the ability to take time out of my day to focus on me!  So many people in this world need to understand the concept of not only filling up everyone else’s glass, but also to be an overflowing fountain to others by first filling up their own.”

-Reese Jason Lasley

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